Buzzy is the main mascot for Buzzy Bat's Pizza Palace, replacing Freddy. He is a bat animatronic with pointed ears and fingers. He is the second most active animatronic in the game. The most active animatronic is Leggy. Buzzy can be seen wandering around with his endoskeleton eyes showing at all times. However, in the newspaper he has just his regular eyes. He is one of the two animatronics who start ingame at night 1. The other being Porky. On night 3 and over, he can break your window, the only way to get him to leave is pointed out in the phone call of night 3. "Well, about Buzzy... Uh, I noticed that he-well... He can break into your window. Yah. Well... I found that, he actually doesn't like loud noises. So, if he starts coming in through your window, then make some noise. Well, the most reliable source that makes enough noise to back him off is... the doors. So when he breaks your window, j-just shut one of your doors. And if that does not work, then shut both of them. I know it may waste power a bit. But i'm telling you, I have no clue what else you could do."

It is actually pretty rare that only shutting one door works to get him away. Buzzy can come in either door, so watch out for that. Sometimes Buzzy will peer in through one of your window's with his endoskeleton eyes very clear. He has the ability to turn off all technology in the building like lights and cameras. When he does this he will say "Lights out" and your office will go dark so you can barely see but you can't see at all through the window in front of you. 

In Buzzy's jump scare, he will have his arms outstretched holding both sides of your head shaking you hard.

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