Leggy is a lizard animatronic that replaces Chica. He is the most active animatronic in the game. He can go anywhere and is pretty much the closest to acting like a normal animatronic from Five Nights at Freddy's. On night 4 and over he moves whenever you are not looking at him. On night 8 he can teleport anywhere in the map at any time and moves rapidly when you are not looking at him. He could be at your door and right when you shut it he is gone and a second after you opened it, be right there again. So on night 8, look out!

Leggy appears at night 2. on night 2 he will be just as fast as Buzzy, but on night 3-8, he is the fastest guy around.

In Leggy's jumpscare, he will be in front of you and jump at you, spreading his fingers as he jumps at you.

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